Business Acquisition Criteria
Bryggen Group is actively seeking a privately held business or product line to acquire.

We desire a controlling interest (not a minority stake) and will assume leadership of the enterprise. We can be highly flexible in the acquisition structure, working to minimize taxes and/or continuing income.

We are only interested in US businesses, though product lines manufactured outside the US that can be supported by US operations would be considered.

Ownership Profile

  • Concentrated ownership (family or single person)
  • Ready for Retirement or ready to relinquish daily management
  • Rapidly growing or stagnant growth with identifiable under-management
  • No successor in place
  • Success of the organization and its employees of paramount concern
  • Desires wealth diversification

Financial Profile

  • $2 to $10 million of revenue
  • $500K to $2 million of EBITDA
  • 15%+ margins (EBITDA)
  • 3 years of consistent cash flow
  • Identifiable growth potential

Business Profile

  • Specialty manufactured products
  • Capital equipment
  • Specialized repair components
  • High margin (medical/aviation/etc.)
  • Technology driven
  • Specialty asset based business
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Testing systems

Business Attributes

  • Product or service growth should be “leveragable”
    • Expandable market reach without new offices
    • Untapped markets for existing product
  • Business will not be
    • Professional service business
    • Food/hospitality service
Business Attributes

  • Low customer concentration with low turnover
  • Identifiable expansion opportunities
  • Tangible value proposition for customers
  • Identifiable competitive advantages

Businesses not under consideration: Startups, turnarounds, minority equity or angel positions, non-US based businesses.